Siberian Tame Fox Attacked Paralyzed Child

Tame foxes carry diseases such as mange, distemper and rabies. Both distemper and rabies are deadly diseases for humans. Symptoms of these diseases include extreme aggression for no reason, impaired movement, paralysis or wobbling when walking or uncharacteristically bold behavior. Mange (a parasite) will cause scabbing skin, hair loss and extreme itching, while distemper (a viral infection) and rabies can kill you if not treated quickly and efficiently.

So many stories permeate the documentary world of seemingly friendly ‘tamed’ wild animals who end up biting off the hand that feeds them. Do some research on ‘tame fox attacks on humans’ and you will find reports especially on the most vulnerable kinds…children and babies.

Tragedy with tame fox in Russia: “In Dobryanka home Fox attacked paralyzed child“, another tragedy “Parents Tell of Horror as Fox Attacks Sleeping Baby.”, and this one “Vivid Scars on Show, Fox Attack Twins Are Smiles Better (but Our Brave Girls’ Ordeal Isn’t over Yet, Say Parents).” … just a few references, there are many more … see References below.

Still thinking to buy “tame fox”? Are you absolutely sure it is legal to buy fox in USA?

Are you confident these “tame foxes” are not a simple breed with the dog?

Is there a real science behind siberian “tame fox” story?

Are you ready to risk your child’s life?

Are the risks really worth it?

You decide.

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